The Chair's Mission

The Canada Research Chair in Partnership Research and the Empowerment of Vulnerable Youth (CRC-ReParE) is a Tier 1 Research Chair funded by the Canada Research Chairs Program - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (2023-2030). Its aim is to produce empirical and intersectional knowledge on the social exclusion and inclusion of vulnerable young people. 
For the purposes of the Chair, vulnerable groups of young people are those facing systemic barriers and multiple oppressive conditions that prevent them from achieving their full potential in society.

The Chair is particularly interested in research and methodologies to be deployed with young people under the age of 25, consistent with the CRC's work on transgender children and their families (level 2), which Prof. Pullen Sansfaçon held between 2018 and 2023.
The Chair's work therefore focuses specifically on gender-diverse youth living at the intersection of other social dimensions, since difficulties are amplified when young people experience multiple oppressions (e.g. race, disability, gender and age). 
Projects aim to understand the experiences of trans and non-binary youth, sexual diversity youth, detransitioning youth, and Two Spirit youth. As the successor to the Canada Research Chair on Transgender Children and Their Families (CRC-ETF), CRC-ReParE pays particular attention to gender-diverse youth living at the intersection of other social dimensions, since difficulties are amplified when youth experience multiple oppressions (e.g. race, disability, gender and age). The Chair has also extended its work to issues affecting aboriginal youth, particularly trans and indigenous.

CRC-ReParE's activities are based on a transaffirmative approach that recognizes a fluid, non-binary vision of gender, going beyond the categories of "masculine" and "feminine". This approach emphasizes support, respect for self-determination and valuing individuals' expertise over their own lives (Pullen Sansfacon 2015; Médico and Pullen Sansfacon 2018; KeoMeyer and Ehrensaft 2018). The transaffirmative approach aims to enable individuals to freely live and express the gender that suits them, without limitation, rejection or restriction (Hidalgo et al., 2013).

Chair Holder

Annie Pullen Sansfaçon

Annie Pullen Sansfaçon, a professor in the School of Social Work at the Université de Montréal, holds the CRC-ReParE and formerly the CRC on transgender children and their families. Since 2023, she has also been Associate Vice-Rector for Relations with First Peoples, and in 2020 co-founded the Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire sur la justice intersectionnelle, la décolonisation et l'équité (CRI-JaDE). Annie Pullen Sansfaçon is a committed researcher whose work lies at the crossroads of social work and ethics. Her experience as a Wendat woman and parent of a gender-diverse child has led her to focus her work on issues affecting trans youth and their families, as well as aboriginal issues. Through methodologies and interventions rooted in trans-affirmative and anti-oppressive perspectives, her work aims not only to understand the realities of these vulnerable groups, but also to develop their autonomy and power to act and confront oppressions.
Prof. Pullen Sansfacon has already established herself as an international leader on the subject of transgender children and young people, and on the methodologies she uses to generate empirical data. A strong indicator of the impact of its work is that it is cited in the World Association of Trans Health Professionals' most recent Standards of Care (2022), a document reflecting the most robust knowledge of intervention with trans people, and based on expert consensus (Delphi method). The document 'Ethical Guidelines for Research Involving Trans Communities', which she co-authored as part of the work of the Research Committee of the Canadian Association of Trans Health Professionals, is also cited as an important resource internationally, as it is in France.
In 2023, she was elected a member of the Royal Society of Canada's College of New Researchers and Creators, and received the Conseil Interprofessionel du Québec's Prix Mérite (social work) that same year.
Prof. Pullen Sansfaçon's research work has also been recognized by several organizations as having made a significant contribution to the development of knowledge on the subject, as well as to the social change that has occurred in Quebec, Canada and internationally. She won the Femme de mérite pour la Recherche et l'innovation award in 2017, the Droits et liberté award from the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse in 2016 and a Médaille de l'Assemblée nationale in 2015. His work has also earned him invitations to offer customized training internationally in the United States and South Africa. Prof. Pullen Sansfaçon is also a Research Associate at Stellenbosh University in South Africa, a mandate that has been renewed until 2025. Together with colleagues Singh, Todorovic, Gotovak and Bauer, the team won the Canadian Pediatric Society - Mental Health Section Research Award 2022 for their poster "Self-Care and Coping Behaviours Among Trans and Gender-Diverse Adolescents in Clinical Care: A mixed methods study".


Valérie Arpin (She)

Administrative technician/support to the Vice-Rector
Valérie Arpin is an administrative and research employee at the School of Social Work. She is interested in the health issues faced by 2SLGBTQI+ people from an intersectional and decolonial perspective. She also works at the Clinique Mauve at Université de Montréal.

Morgane Gelly (She/They)

Senior Research Advisor
After completing a double degree in anthropology and sociology in France, Morgane flew to Montreal to further her interest in gender studies. Iel validated a master's degree in sociology at UQAM in 2018, presenting a dissertation on access to gynecological care for trans men. Since 2019, Morgane has worked with Annie Pullen Sansfaçon as a research coordinator at the Canada Research Chair on transgender children and their families, notably on the Discours (De)trans project. In 2023, he took up the position of Senior Research Advisor for the new ReParE Chair.

Sei Laroche-Tanguay(He/They)

Partnership Coordinator
Sei Laroche-Tanguay is a sexology student at UQAM. Interested in deepening his knowledge of gender studies and responding to the needs of trans and non-binary populations, he completed a BAC in sexology and carried out an internship with Action santé travesti(e)s et transsexuel(le)s du Québec (ASTT(e)Q). His master's thesis focused on the practice of cosplay in Quebec and gender exploration among trans and non-binary people. Sei is currently in charge of coordinating partnerships for the Research Team.

Marielle Aithamon (elle/she)

Research assistant
Marielle is currently completing her PhD in sociocultural anthropology at the Université de Montréal. Her research focuses on community fragmentation and queer spectralities (temporalities, interstitial spaces, indefinitions and forms of non-existence) as modalities of social reinvention. She also works on occupation movements and militant fatigue, as well as on the practice of ethnographic and anthropological writing. Her research has led her to work in a variety of settings, from Montreal health services to the Gay Village, Parks Canada and the Independent Media Arts Association. At the Chair, she has been working on the Discours (de)trans project since January 2024, and is involved in writing articles.

Tommly Planchat (He/Him)

Research assistant
Tommly Planchat has been a research assistant for the Chair since 2021. During his Master's degree, he specialized in the social psychology of health, with a particular interest in gender studies. He has subsequently worked as a project manager and facilitator with LGBTQI+ people, people with disabilities and, more recently, teenagers. He was a clinical coordinator at a youth center, where he began providing training in inclusive and anti-oppressive professional practices. He is currently working on the project Discours (De)trans.

Students and researchers

Félix Bélanger (Iel, gender fluidity)

PhD candidate in psychoeducation and research assistant
Félix Bélanger is a doctoral student in psychoeducation at the Université de Montréal. He is passionate about research with vulnerable populations, including 2SLGBTQIA+ people, and young people with adjustment difficulties in the school environment. Her thesis project concerns the experience of gendered school climate among trans and non-binary high school students. This project is supported by her clinical experience as a school-based psychoeducator, as well as an interdisciplinary theoretical framework that includes gender as a social construct, minority stress theory, and person-environment matching theory. He is currently working in collaboration with Madame Claude Amiot and the rest of the research team on the citizen engagement project.

Mathieu Boivin (he/she)

Doctoral candidate in applied human sciences
Mathieu Boivin is pursuing a PhD in applied human sciences under the joint supervision of Nicole Gombay and Annie Pullen-Sansfaçon. His thesis focuses on the decolonization of research ethics. In it, he proposes systemic, structural and positional changes to be adopted by researchers and research institutions to bring more humility and balance to research relationships. With nearly ten years' experience working with numerous Aboriginal communities in Quebec and elsewhere, he is also Native Studies Program Coordinator and Lecturer at the Université de Montréal, where he teaches colonial history in Quebec, the workings and vices of the socio-economic-political system, and work and research ethics in Aboriginal contexts.

Charles-Antoine Thibeault (he/she)

Doctoral candidate in social work and research coordinator
Charles-Antoine Thibeault is a music therapist and doctoral student in social work at Université de Montréal under the supervision of Annie Pullen Sansfaçon. He completed a Master's degree in music therapy at Concordia University in 2017, where he was involved as a research assistant and then as a lecturer. Since graduating, he has been involved on the board of directors of the Association Québécoise de Musicothérapie, where he serves as President. He has many years' experience as a music therapist in social pediatrics and with Jeunes Identités Créatives, formerly known as Transgender Children Canada. Charles-Antoine coordinates the Grandir Trans project.

Naomie-Jade Ladry (elle)

PhD candidate in applied human sciences and research assistant
Naomie-Jade Ladry, a doctoral candidate in applied human sciences, is a graduate of Université Laval's Maîtrise en sciences de l'administration - gestion du développement international et de l'action humanitaire and the Microprogramme de deuxième cycle en études du genre. Her interests lie in gender equality issues, in particular intersectional feminist perspectives and issues surrounding gender diversity. Naomie-Jade Ladry works as a research assistant on the Grandir Trans project.

Élio Gravel (he/she)

PhD candidate in psychology
A graduate of the Université de Montréal with a bachelor's degree in music, Élio is currently a doctoral candidate in psychology under the supervision of Annie Pullen Sansfaçon. He has been teaching guitar to children and teenagers for several years, and is particularly concerned with young people's sense of inclusion. His main areas of interest are resilience, authenticity, emotional experience and social support, particularly in contexts of intersectionality. Élio's involvement in this field of research aims to contribute to the destigmatization of diversity and collective emancipation from systems of oppression. His ideal: to contribute to the construction of a world where everyone has the opportunity to flourish through the precious experience of acceptance and validation.

Manvi Arora (She)

Post-doctoral researcher
Manvi Arora is a postdoctoral researcher at the Université de Montréal and a volunteer researcher with the Association for Trans Health in India (ATHI). She holds a PhD in Education from the University of Delhi. She also holds three post-graduate degrees in psychology, sociology and education. For over a decade, she has worked closely with Indian trans communities to defend their rights to education and recognition of their identities. She is one of the authors and members of the committee responsible for developing national guidelines and training materials for the inclusion of trans children in the Indian school system, focusing on their concerns and the way forward, with the Indian government's National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). Her interdisciplinary knowledge helps her to unravel the lived realities and social challenges associated with non-conformity to prescribed gender norms, an area of research neglected by Indian academics, and one that is currently about making the voices of Indian trans and non-binary people heard. She heads up the Indian component of the CIHR-funded international longitudinal research project entitled Grandir trans, of which she is one of the co-authors, and in which the Chaire ReParE is also involved.

Madame Claude Amiot (She)

Ms. Claude Amiot is co-recipient of a research grant from the Engagement program of the 3 Fonds de recherche du Québec. She joined the research team in 2021 as a Citizen Researcher. She is president of Entraide Trans Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, a witness for the Pour que vieillir soit Gai program and a governor of Fondation Émergence. Her life experience and involvement with the trans and non-binary community make her a perfect collaborator for various research projects.

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The Canada Research Chair on Transgender Children and Their Families is located in Tiohtiá:ke / Montréal on indigenous territory, which has never been ceded.

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